Possibly the single best way to experience the island in its entirety, a journey by helicopter will give you easy access to parts of Sri Lanka otherwise undisturbed by the happenings of life as we know it. Deccan Aviation’s luxury services, featuring the very latest Bell Ranger Helicopters offers a wide range of travel options, which can be tailored to suit your itinerary and accommodates both the individual traveler and groups.

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Air Taxi

Using an air taxi can significantly reduce travel time between Sri Lanka’s coast, while also giving passengers a bird’s eye view, with a route chosen for its stunning vistas of the local countryside, waterways and wilderness. Talk to us at JF tours and we’ll help you with travel times, bookings and any other consideration you may have.

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Vintage Car

Driving a vintage automobile is an experience unto itself, for enthusiast nothing in the world compares to it and if you haven’t tried it already, then it’s well worth taking the plunge. With an impressive fleet of impeccably maintained vintage vehicles at your disposal, choose a car that suits you taste and enjoy a chauffeur driven journey. Ideal for special occasions, themed events and those special romantic sojourns, with a touch of retro cool.

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Chauffeur Driven

While the island has an extensive road network that covers most of Sri Lanka and a thorough public transport system, navigating the islands network of roads can sometimes be challenging and even frustrating. Public transport is congested during rush hours and though extremely cost effective, provides only minimal comfort and safety. A chauffer driven vehicle affords the ideal alternative, making exploration of the islands more secluded reaches a less daunting task. Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with a group, we can help arrange a car, van, 4WD, or bus at the best rates possible and with a dedicated team who will ensure that your journey is as enjoyable as reaching your destination.

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