Viceroy II

This dual-purpose luxury carriage is designed to increase the seating capacity of the Viceroy Special to accommodate larger groups as well as to be attached to the public service trains for the benefit of individual passengers and smaller groups in a more affordable way. The carriage has been refurbished in period style to reflect an ancient charm to be compatible with the authentic Viceroy Special, which is operational on charter basis. The air-conditioned carriage has 24 comfortable reclining seats with tables, fine dining, bar, high-end sound system and WIFI facilities.

If you are travelling with a large party be it friends or family, it is an ideal way to travel especially on long distance journeys. Unlike in a car the cabin allows you to walk around interacting with your friends or family, enjoy a soothing drink at the bar, or sit by your self with a good book, making time move at an easy pace and the journey much more comfortable regardless of the distance.

The carriage can be attached to the Viceroy Special, which runs with its own engine or may also be attached to any public service train, which make the Viceroy II a more affordable service than the Viceroy Special.

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