Hitachi Train

This is a luxury train, which can accommodate a larger group, and it will increase the volume of train passengers handled by the JF Tours, the pioneering luxury train tour operator in Sri Lanka. This centrally air-conditioned single unit train, which was built in 1970 in Japan, has all modern amenities and comprises 05 compartments. It can accommodate 100 passengers in 03 compartments and the restaurant car has capacity of 40 seats. The 02 kitchens are running both hot & cool water.

As Sri Lanka is one of the countries, which could be best, seen by rail the Hitachi train provides an ideal base for a large group tourist to view the beauty of this country while all the comforts are at their disposal. They will have a guided tour as the train is equipped with a public addressing system and also have the luxury of moving to every compartment during the journey. They can have all their meals and snacks on board and will be well assured of super service of our experienced staff on board. In addition to the tourist transportation this train is ideal for a company outing and special events such as the on board business meetings. Also it can be used for groups of school children for the educational purposes.

This train can reach any railway bound destination including Jaffna once it opened but currently it limited to Rumbukkana on the up country main line due to technical reasons.

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