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A wide variety of accommodation that caters to all persuasions is available and we will be happy to match you with an abode that complements your lifestyle and budgetary requirements, all providers are thoroughly checked and we work only with those who have received adequate certification and meet strict service standards.

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If you’re looking to go beyond the island’s most popular destinations and wander of the beaten path, we offer a range of Special interest packages and can help you organize a personalize itinerary that perfectly fits your holiday agenda.

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Sri Lanka’s rail system which was primarily constructed during British colonial rule has been extended to reach most parts of the island. With a variety of travel options available from low cost public transport to specialized packages offering a more private experience, traveling by rail is an easy way to see the island in all her splendor.

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Driving around the island is one of the best ways to enjoy a vacation at your own pace. Recent development of the island’s road network and the addition of highways make getting to your destination considerably easier. Talk to us at JF Tours and we can help organize cost effective vehicle rentals, for all needs.

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